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Chalk bags and buckets made from salvaged materials therefore our stock vary in style and quantities. For more information on stocking Ragbags just drop us a message below, or give us a call.
An asortment of chalk bags made from salvaged materials, in vairous colours and styles.

Made from 100% recycled materials, each bag and bucket is crafted using old jeans, jackets, broken chalk bags, and worn-out outdoor gear. So they're all made from materials destined for landfill.

Climbing centers often end up collecting a fair amount of kit that gets forgotten about. We'll collect all this unwanted gear and give you a discount on your next Ragbag order.

We'll also send you branded A2 advertisement posters and signage to help you collect old clothes and materials ready to be made into new Ragbags!


- Waist Belt (chalk bags only)
- Drawstring Closure
- Rear Pocket
- Brush Holder

Ragbags are all handmade in collaboration with Dirtbags Climbing, Kendal, UK.



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